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Learning vocabulary is absolutely funtamental for those who find themselves studying another language -- also for everyone else -- vocabulary is a barier that you must overcome in order to leave your own country.

Lingoversity is a nifty application for those that are looking to improve their vocabulary in other languages, since it is a totally customizable tool that helps you learn an extensive glossary everyday it'll be a big help for advancing your studies.

Starting from scratch, Lingoversity includes several starter glossaries that turn out to be a great starting point of the language. Also, the program not only introduces the vocabulary, but also includes a tab to translate texts and words online using popular dictionary sites likeGoogle Translate,, WordGiant, etc., thus making the application a type of game that lets you figure out a series of terms depending on your level.

Lingoversity also has a section for note taking and the ability to show you translations of extensive texts and save them like they were learning modules.
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